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building_295x441The Broadway church of Christ was begun in 1906 as a group worshiping under the shade of a single tree on Goebel Avenue. Now, over 100 years later, the church continues to grow and minister to families and children in the historic and beautiful west end of Paducah. The Broadway church building is located on the 2800 block of Broadway, along the Dogwood Trail. The church has a well equipped worship center, plenty of classroom space, a fellowship hall/chapel, and a videoconferencing suite that houses the Global Preacher Training Center. Broadway also has a Family Life Center with additional classrooms and a gymnasium for church fellowship and recreational activities. The Broadway church of Christ is dedicated to teaching the gospel throughout the community and the world.

During the early years the church was housed at 19th & Broadway, but in the late 1950’s the church moved to its present location, where growth continues and future expansions are planned. Dr. Dan R. Owen, Broadway’s preaching minister since 1987, emphasizes that one of Broadway’s goals is to support family. We believe in strong, permanent biblical marriages. We encourage marriages to stay together and teach our members to commit to their mates for life. We seek to nurture strong families.

The Broadway church of Christ considers every member a minister because it wants every Christian to be involved in serving the Lord. The church has four full time ministers on staff. Andrew Clausen has served as the Seniors/Worship Minister since 2000. He leads Broadway’s Senior Seekers in service activities including helping disaster relief organizations, children’s homes, outreach to missionaries, and holiday outreach projects. Senior Seekers meet each Tuesday for a devotional and a program of special interest to seniors. Once a month they have a senior’s outing for fun and fellowship.

Youth Minister Jason Whitley, who has served at Broadway since 1998, facilitates many activities for teens including a variety of spiritual, recreational, service, and fellowship projects. The Youth Ministry has programs designed to meet the spiritual needs of teenagers and help them to become strong leaders for Christ. Broadway’s youth ministry exists to reach non-believing teens and to connect them with Christians. It exists to help them grow in their faith, to challenge them to discover their ministry by serving others, so they will devote their lives to God. The Broadway church of Christ believes that it is important for teenagers to grow in their faith. Their Bible classes emphasize an application-oriented study of Biblical principles, the plan of salvation, and the fundamentals of the Lord’s church. Retreats allow for spiritual growth and renewal by relaxing and focused time with God through Bible study and prayer. The church encourages the development of spiritual habits (prayer, accountability, scripture memorization, involvement, giving, and Bible study) and the use of each member’s spiritual gifts.

life_group_427x320The Broadway Church of Christ encourages every member to be involved in the Life Group Ministry, a weekly small group ministry meeting in homes. By meeting “house to house” like the early church, we are able to build close relationships, discuss our walks with God, and grow in our own relationship with God. Life Groups help participants apply the word of God presented in the weekly sermons even after we walk out the doors.

Through the correspondence and prison ministry, members at Broadway participate in teaching the gospel to jail and prison inmates and others in far off places. The church also supports numerous mission works in both the U.S. and in foreign countries. Broadway supports several children’s homes and operates a Benevolent Ministry, giving groceries to local families out of the church pantry. Broadway ministers to children who find themselves in the emergency room. Handmade teddy bears are provided with love from the congregation to ease a hurt or offer comfort in a scary time to little ones at the hospital.

At the Broadway campus, the church houses the Precious Pottery Preschool, located in the Family Life Center, and hosts Sunday morning Children’s Worship for ages 2-6 in the North Wing. On Wednesday morning, Ladies’ Bible class meets. Sunday morning worship is held at 9:30 a.m., followed by 10:45 a.m. Bible class. On Sunday evenings, Life Groups meet in our members’ homes for further study and support and a worship service is held at 6:00 p.m. at the building. Wednesday evenings feature Bible study classes for all ages beginning at 6:30 p.m.

The members of the Broadway church of Christ are active in helping disaster victims and the poor, but our greatest concern is the problem of lost humanity and the power of the gospel to bring souls back to God. If you are a person who longs for a genuine relationship with God and wants your family to be regularly challenged by the straightforward message from God’s word, Broadway may be just the place for you.

dogwood_azaelasThe Broadway church of Christ is all about the salvation of souls. Committed to following the revealed word of God, this congregation of God’s people is eager to share the love of Christ and his redemptive message with as many as possible. At Broadway a visitor will find a friendly greeting, heartfelt worship, and a steady diet of straightforward biblical teaching. The congregation is committed to the principle that the Bible is the inspired word of Almighty God. Therefore, there is a strong emphasis on hearing God’s word in Bible Study and doing what He says. Broadway is a church that prays for one another and believes in the power of prayer. The church provides a spiritual support system where each member is encouraged in every possible way to stay close to God and serve him faithfully. The Broadway church is growing God’s kingdom one soul at a time!

For more information on the Broadway church of Christ please contact us at (270) 443-6206.

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