Growth Groups

Broadway’s Growth Groups meet every other Sunday in members’ homes to dig into the lesson brought to us on Sunday morning and apply it in our lives.   Broadway established this small group ministry to restore the spiritual intimacy of face to face small group meetings enjoyed by the early church.  In the first century, the church met “house to house” and “they took their meals together with glad and sincere hearts” and the Lord added to their number  (Acts 2:46-47).

Broadway Growth Groups:

  • Apply God’s Word
  • Develop real spiritual relationships and build friendships
  • Grow God’s Kingdom by reaching out to others.



“Church” is not a building or something you do on Sunday morning.  “Church” is the people of God, encouraging one another, serving the community, and reaching out to the lost.  It takes place on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday…

Regular weekly Sunday evening services are also held for those who do not participate in the small group house to house meetings.   The second and fourth Sundays of the month is reserved for the whole congregation to come back together at 6:00 pm at the building.  If you visit our building on any other Sunday evening, do not be alarmed if the crowd seems small because most of the congregation is meeting in homes throughout the region.

To download a growth group lesson guide click here.



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